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10th October 2012

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In summation:

In order to be able to write pretty well, some people resort to somewhat unconventional means to get inspired, to feel good after finishing a ritual, or because some things just couldn’t be done without doing a jumpstart.

Some writers drink. Some writers smoke. Some writers stand on their heads. Some writers stay on their beds. Some writers inhale rotten apples, just so they’d get out of their tethers. Some writers do nothing at all. Some “writers” don’t even write at all. Some writers need to be sad to be able to write. Some writers risk their lives. And some writers pluck their hairs out.

Vices as we know it are portrayed as generally bad, but all of us have our own methods toward our own self-destruction. Authors live on in their books. And it always interests me to note that seen this way, the concept of an afterlife is real – because in order to live forever, we must die first, one hair strand at a time.

This has been a very good experience for me and for my entire life. Finally, I could say, I could pronounce, I could announce – I am a writer.

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